Cosmetic Shop-a-long

Although many women are more makeup savvy than ever, it can still be overwhelming to shop for cosmetics in a world where there are endless products to choose from! If the idea of visiting your local beauty counter or cosmetics boutique makes your head spin, I can make it easier! After a phone consultation and review of your current makeup stash, we will schedule a trip or two to the shop(s) of your choice to select products best suited for you and your lifestyle! Please note that shop-a-longs are scheduled at an hourly rate. Inquire for details.

Special Event Makeup (Non-bridal)

Having or attending a baby shower? Date night or girls night coming up? Or do you have an interview or branding event coming up and want to look your best? Your appointment includes a full skin assessment, application with faux (strip) lashes and complimentary touch up kit. I am also available to assist you in selecting the perfect ensemble and accessories for your day!

Personal Styling/Image Consulting

Whether you are a mom reentering the workforce after spending a few years at home with your children, want to impress that hot date, or are simply in need of a fresh update to your wardrobe, I can help! Let me show you how a few tweaks (or a major overhaul of your closet) can change the way you look, feel and even walk! After a phone consultation to get to know a bit about you and your lifestyle, we will schedule a trip (or several) to shop and get you started!

Makeup Lesson

Includes step by step hands on instruction, where I will teach you how to select best makeup for your skin type and complexion. Beginner friendly to advanced makeup instruction is available and is custom based on your individual features! I will apply makeup to one side of your face and will guide you in doing the other. Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of learning it all in one session? You may also break up your sessions where features such as eyes, lips, skin, highlight and contour etc, can be the focus. Product recommendations and face chart included.

 Group lessons are also available, in which one model is selected, and participants follow along. Need a little help in shopping for makeup? I am available to travel to the location of your choice to assist you in selecting products that suit your skin, needs and lifestyle!

Holiday Rate

Added to services booked during a holiday weekend.

Hair removal

Includes temporary removal of facial hair including brows, upper lip, chin etc.

Artist Procurement/Expedited Services

Incurred for parties of eight or more, or when there are strict time constraints to complete services.

Early/Late Start Times

Added to balance for each hour before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm start times.


Please note that rates may vary, and are based on factors such as location of destination, travel, start time, etc and will be included in your contract. Each service can be customized according to your needs! To reserve an appointment, a 50% retainer and signed contract are required and applied to the total amount due for all services.

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